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"Vito's" Ruehles Towing Inc. attends
many Community Events, Car Cruises &
Charity Harley Rides in Mt.Clemens
and throughout the Macomb County area.
Keep an eye out for our "big red trucks" !

Police Towing is serious business, our
role is to quickly remove disabled
vehicles from the "busy roads" to keep
traffic moving smoothly. Our drivers work
closely with local law enforcment officers
to keep the community safe and on the move.

We work in poor weather condiitons, low
visability and half the time we work
in the dark. When you see us working
out in the roadways, "lights flashing"
please keep back and remember to move
over one full lane.

Allow us to work safely and quickly, so
we can get the "wreck" out of the way
and return the roads safely to you.


Ruehles Towing Inc.
is a proud member
of many industry
associations and

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"Vito's Ruehles Towing is concerned
with the safety of you and your loved ones.

To make your road trips safer, we recommend
that you have a "Survival Kit" in your vehicle.

Your "Survival Kit" should contain:

*Saftey Road Flares
*Basic First aid kit
*Jumper Cables
*Flashlight with Batteries
*Spare fuses
*Lug wrench and jack
*Area maps
*Warm Blanket
*Bottled Water
*Energy snack bars
*List of tow companies in your travel route
*Shovel (winter)
*Bag of salt or sand (winter)

*Always carry your cell phone and keep a
12 volt cell phone battery charger
in the vehicle.

You should become familiar with the kit, what each item is for, and how to use it in an emergency.

If you are ever involved in a vehicle crash:

*Stop and remain at the scene.
*Help secure medical aid for the injured.
*If possible, get off the roadway and/or move vehicles out of the path of traffic.
*Notify the police if there are injuries or property damage.
*Exchange names, addresses, driver’s license numbers, and registration and insurance information with the other driver(s) involved.

(Leaving the scene of an accident could result in fines and/or imprisonment.)

"Vito's" Ruehles Towing
reminds you
"Don't Drink & Drive"!

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